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Association has received EEA grant for implementation of project "Reduction of social exclusion risks and integration of children and adolescents in society".

Objective of project is to contribute in to reduction of social exclusion risks and integration of children and adolescents with diabetes in society by:
• Organizing educating summer seminar for children and youth with diabetes and their parents;
• Enlarging accessibility of information for children and youth with diabetes as well as for teachers, parents and society by improving the web page of association.
• Organizing 4 seminars in regions of Latvia about diabetes.

Direct target group of project is children and youth with diabetes in age from 0-29 years and their parents.

Project activities will be implemented in Riga and regions of Latvia and will cover whole Latvia as the target group is located all around country.

Main activities of project:
1. Summer educative seminar.
2. Informative seminars about treatment of diabetes and discoveries in technologies.
3. Improvement of association web page.
4. Publicity of project.

Results of project:
1. Organized summer educative seminar with 28 children and youth and 12 parents.
2. Organized 4 informative seminars with 100 participants.
3. Improved 1 web page.
4. Project publicity secured.

Total budget of Project is 8918.54 LVL

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In the middle of the summer at rest house "Ane Manor", located on the coast Lielupes Ozolnieku district an outdoor workshop for children with type 1 diabetes and their parents were held.

During the workshop in a positive and relaxed atmosphere both parents and children had the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills, which will further contribute to better control of diabetes.

In addition to training, the children participated in a variety of creative and sports activities that were led by experienced educators. In turn, the parents got the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences.

The first week from July 28 till August 3 workshop was organised for 12 children between the ages of 4- 11 years with one of the parents. But in the second workshop from August 3 till August 9 was organised for 16 children between the ages of 12-15 years.
This workshop was place were all together learned lots of new: cooking at home and the calculation of carbohydrates; diet during festive occasions, how to adjust the insulin dose and diet according to daily rhythm, sporting activities and during sickneses. As well as we all learned how to take care of our feet and repeated the whole information about how to properly inject insulin, how to handle the glucose monitor. As diabetes has bad influence on mouth healts - children were introduced to basics of taking care of teeth, choosing the right teeth brush and tooth paste. Proffesional psyhologist gave practical training on stress management, comunication with parents and solving arguments.

All participatns returned home relaxed and armed with knowlede.